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Applying for Woodrow Wison School MPA in development studies

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Hi all,

I am from India, 28, i have a masters in development management studies from one of the better institutes in India and i have around 3+ years work expirence in Micro insurance and micro finance in India, Sri Lanka and Kenya. I am planning to apply for WWS MPA in Development studies at Princeton. I have around 3.0 GPA( and estimated conversion from indian to US scoring) in my undergrad (2005) and around 3.2 GPA for my Masters(2007). I am cautiously confident of getting 750+ score in the quantitative and Verbals in the GRE. Now as i have very little idea about the admission criterion of WWS i have a few queries:

1. Prima facie , does my profile sound strong enough to be considered by WWS?

2. How important will my work ex (with 1+ year of international exposure) be vis a vis my academics, which obviously is quite average?

3. How important are Policy memos, SOP and recommendations for the application and if there are any tips that i should be careful about.

I apply this year.

I would be very thankful for your comments and insights.



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