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The NSERC Post Doctoral Fellowship results are now available. I received, "I regret to inform you that, although your application was considered meritorious, it was not funded due to budgetary constraints." Did others get the same notification?

Also, does anyone know if we will find out our rankings later on?

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Hi @SalmoSalar and @lcoelho: in case it helps, for the 2020 and 2021 competition I received the ranking letter ~1 week after the decision letter. I was waitlisted for the 2020 competition and the language in the initial letter was: "Your application was considered meritorious; however, I regret to inform you that your application did not score highly enough to be funded at this time. Consequently, your application will remain on a short-list of alternates; you will be notified should sufficient funds become available. The absence of such notification will indicate that your application was not selected for funding."

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