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interested in public policy


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I'm interested in eventually working for a research center or a think tank as a public policy researcher. Do you think getting an MSW that emphasizes public policy instead of direct practice would enable me to reach this goal? Also, what are some of the schools that have a strong emphasis on policy? Thanks in advance for any information you can give me!

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Thanks for your reply! I was also wondering if I'm not really interested in direct practice as much as I am with working as a researcher, if an MSW would be an applicable degree for me?

The MSW is a very practically oriented degree. Is there any reason you are not considering a PhD where you would be grounded in a variety of research methodologies?

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The University of Michigan has a joint masters program in Social Work and Public Policy.

I am a current MSW student at UMICH with a focus on Social Policy & Evaluation. Feel free to message me if you have any specific questions about the program.

Oh and I almost forgot, most of the Social Policy & Evaluation MSW concentrations at UMICH are involved in research (vs direct practice).

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