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Scholarship opportunity - Cdn. & international

Dalhousie DREAMS

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Are you interested in doing materials research that makes a difference? If so, the DREAMS (Dalhousie Research in Energy, Advanced Materials and Sustainability) team wants to hear from you! We are tackling some of the most important problems in renewable energy production and storage as well as the sustainable production of environmentally acceptable or re-usable materials, through advanced materials research.

The experience includes research in world-leading labs at Dalhousie University (Halifax, Canada http://www.dal.ca) and also industrial internships in places such as 3M (Canada and US) and Toshiba (Japan). The DREAMS program offers novel courses and also includes non-traditional training such as seminars on intellectual property and dealing with the media. DREAMS offers competitive stipends with, generally, 2 years of funding for Masters students and 4 years of funding for PhD students. International fees, as well as travel and accommodations for internships, are paid by the DREAMS program. All this and you get to live in Halifax, one of the most fun, student-friendly cities in Canada.

We are looking for keen Masters and PhD students, and also summer students and post docs. For more details, see http://dreams.irm.dal.ca

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