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Academic Incest - ceteris paribus



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  1. 1. Would you consider receiving a PhD from your alma mater if the research opportunities were there?

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I am looking for feedback on obtaining multiple degrees from the same academic institution in the field of Ecology. I have completed my undergraduate with 3yrs of field research experience where I headed up my own funded research project. I now have the opportunity and have started another research project (funded) at the same institution. While my professors encourage me to complete this project for my PhD I am somewhat worried about limiting my post doc opportunities with completing all degrees at the same school.

The research I am getting into in undoubtedly an exciting and promising topic of study with significant ecological/ conservation implications, and I have no doubt that several publications will be the result of this work. I have had many people tell me that the verdict is still out on this discussion. I have also been advised that the publications and work I produce will be more important than where my degrees are from. I have also heard horror stories from other fields of study stating that you should under no circumstances consider this.

Do I stay and do the work? Do I move on and seek other opportunities?

Would you hire someone who has sound research experience but has stayed at the same university?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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