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PhD For Fall 2011


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Hi , i am new to this forum. I wish to apply for PhD in Chemistry/Medicinal Chemistry programs. I had done my MS Medicinal Chemistry from India. cGPA 8.86/10. I am a registered Pharmacist here in India.

I secured 1240 in my GRE and i am taking my A GRE this november 13th (It is the only date available for AGRE in India across the year). I even wish to retake my General GRE . I have a research experience of one year in total synthesis of natural product and worked under a very reputed lab in India. I had synthesized Novel C - Nucleoside Analogues which are being currently under biological evaluation. No publication though. I would like to know that am i going to be in time for application or i am late. will give my A GRE on 13 th of november and planning to take retake in general GRE on 15th of dec preferably. And would anyone of you suggest some universities which do accept students at my scores my interest in Bio- organic/Chemical Biology/Medicinal Chemistry.

Thank you

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