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Profile Evaluation MS CS 2011 fall


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Fall 2011 | MS | CS | GRE 1440 (Q 800, V 640) |AWA 3.5 |TOEFL 110 Profile Evaluation


I did my Engineering on Electronics and communication from university of Kerala,India

UG - ECE Dept

Percentage - 84%

Topper in a class of 130 students(Topper for all semesters in college)

3 years of work experience in Infosys as senior software engineer. Working in its R&D wing. But my work is not strictly research. I am in Architecture team of a tool, developing frameworks and performance improvement of the tool.

UW Madison - Performance Otimization

UIUC - s/w Engg

USC - high performance Computing/ s/w Engg

gatec - high performance computing (HPC)/ s/w Engg

Utah - high performance computing

UFL - high performance computing

NCSU - high performance computing

Suny buffalo - high performance computing

Iowa SU - s/w Engg

can you please evaluate my chances in the above univ list. can u classify them as safe/mod/ambi. Funding is a serious concern for me .

Can you suggest me 2 moderate univs for my profile?

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The most important thing that top 10 universities consider is research experience, so your work in R&D will serve you well. Do you have any papers published? If your research background is strong you'd have a fair shot at UIUC (ambi), Ga tech and UW Madison. Utah, USC, SUNY-SB maybe NCSU would be your "moderate" schools on that list and you should have a pretty good chance at those schools with good research experience. I don't think that there is anything such as a "safe" school since you can't say for certain that you would get admitted, but you should have a very good chance at UFL and Iowa State. Most funding is available for PhD students however, and a lot of schools do not have much funds for MS students. I think UIUC funds their MS students but I'm not sure about the others. Do you want to eventually pursue a PhD? If so, it may be better for you to apply directly to the PhD program where there is more funding available.

I'm not in your area (I'm in machine learning), though, so take my advice with a grain of salt, but perhaps another school you could look at is Colorado (Boulder).

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