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I will graduate French School of Engineering (top 5) this year, major in Applied Mathematics and Statistics. I have also a bachelor 2:1 in Applied Economics(2010), and I am studying for a MRes in Applied Mathematics besides Engineering studies (exp. 2011).

I am not very satisfied about my eng. background and I would like to work in finance (modelling and market finance if I work directly after graduation, or economic research / corporate finance I go on with a MsC finance).

I am really interested in LSE Finance & Economics: it looks quite quantitative, it is a one year program, it seems to give a large choice after graduation (market finance, corporate, economic research, consultancy), LSE is well known in UK, Europe, world (?)

That's the idea I have of the course. I would like to have your advice on pursuing with this MsC. In particular, I would like to have your opinion about career opportunities after this MsC:

- is it suited for market finance (with a quantitative MsC as a background)? for corporate finance?

- what are alumni mostly doing after graduation (incl. salaries after graduation, type of employers)?

- do you think my not finance background at bachelor level could be a disadvantage if I decide to move to corporate finance jobs after this MsC (I would have 5 years of Maths and Eng. behind me, and only one year specialization in finance)?

- is is suited to pursue with a phd in finance/operations research/economics?

Then, what could be equivalent courses in the UK/ in Europe that could be comparable to this MsC (same reputation, same career possibilities) (ex. in Switzerland) ?

To sum up, I would like to have your picture of what alumni at MsC F&E do after graduation, and I thank you either for details or for indications about previous topics in a forum.

Finally, how fierce is competition, and does my background sounds good to be admitted?


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