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Chances of getting into a EE PhD Program??


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Hi All,

I am considering a EE PhD and need some advice on my chances of getting into some universities, as well as what would help increase my chances of getting in.

My GPAs are:

2002- 2007 BSEE: 3.16/4.0 Overall, 3.43/4.0 Major

-Co-Op: Worked with a very well known semiconductor company full time my senior year

2008-2010 MSEE: 3.43/4.0 -- Completed an MS Project (not Thesis)

- Worked full time throughout the entire program as an design engineer with my companies (a very well known defense contractor) R&D group

- Company has submitted two inventions for patent to USPTO (one inventor, one co-inventor) both are RFIC/RF System patent applications

- Will receive very good letters of recommendation from VPs and Fellows

GRE: Prepping for this and will take it before 2011

My target schools are UC Irvine,Davis,San Diego and my fall back is Santa Clara U (interviewed with professor already), I also have an interview with a professor at Columbia. I have chosen these schools since they do not have a minimum GPA to apply or I will meet their minimum and I each have professors that I would like to work with.

Can anyone comment on my chances of admissions??


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