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Is it still too late...


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to get an acceptance? Seems like March 15 is the final deadline at most places. Still waiting to hear from OSU, NYU,and CUNY. I'm guessing these are rejections now (although CUNY may be a different case)? BTW, anyone accepted/enrolling at CUNY Graduate Center? I changed my mind so many times when trying to decide whether to apply here or not - the program is difficult to gauge.

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i'm in the same boat...still have to hear back from UNC, W&M, Colorado, and Kansas. however, at this point i'm going to assume that all those are rejects or at best without funding. the only one i could still have a shot at is colorado...i haven't heard of anyone getting in or rejected, and it says on their website

Applicants will be notified if any part of your application is missing, you do not need to contact the department. Admission decisions on applications are sent out no earlier than the third week of March in any given application year.
so i guess they may be sticking to that. all the others, however, people have gotten into so i'm not hoping for much. sure is a good thing i applied to oregon, and i only did it b/c my girlfriend made me....ahh how things work out
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