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Did I just screw up?


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The PhD coordinator from one of my top choices recently called me up and said I was #1 on their list, and that I should be receiving a formal offer in the mail soon.

That night, I e-mailed him, just wanting to thank him. But I mis-wrote. I wrote, "Of course, I am delighted to be ranked so highly by the admissions committee" (among other things). I meant to write, "Of course, I am HUMBLED to be ranked..." Among other things, I wrote things like, "Thank you so much for calling me in person to give me an update... I look forward to working with you and the rest of the faculty in the future."

I think I sounded a bit too arrogant when I used "delighted" instead of "humble" or another word, which wasn't what I wanted. Did I just screw up? Or would this not matter much, since it's not a "huge" mistake? I just pressed SEND a bit too quickly without double checking my error.

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