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Getting into UTD/TAMU for MSIS


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Hello Forum,

New member here. I wasn't too sure where to put this thread, but since the master's program that I'm interested in is in the Management school, I'm placing it here.

I'm a recent graduate from SMU in Dallas. I graduated in May of this year with the following:

Corporate Communications and Public Affairs Major: GPA 3.488

Business Minor: GPA 3.566

Film Studies Minor: 3.13

Cumulative GPA: 3.204

My practice GRE's have been decent, but not stellar.

Quantitative: 670

Verbal: 570

With the economy the way it is, I'm taking advantage of the time I have where jobs are hard to come by, and applying to UTD, Texas A&M, and maybe one other for Information Systems.

Though my background is not in IT, my undergraduate scores are fairly competitive from a good University. What are your thoughts? Should I apply to other schools? Any recent UTD grad students? Thanks so much for the help.

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Interestingly enough, I'm a current SMU grad student, but I'm a UTD alumni. I was originally a computer science major before switching over to the humanities. UTD is a growing university, getting close to reaching tier 1 status. If you're not interested in traveling far for a better option, UTD will serve you well, especially if you want to stay in the DFW area. The School of Management at UTD has a pretty good reputation. I wish I could tell you more about faculty and the actual program there, but I'm not qualified for that. :( However, you should be okay for getting in. UTD is unexpectedly selective for a new state school, but I worked at the Enrollment Services and saw plenty of records, I think you'll be fine getting in there. I'd still recommend you check out other possibilities unless you're set on staying within the area.

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