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The Job market for applied math and statistics in 5 to 10 years


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Obviously no one has predict precisely what the job market will be like, but will there be a demand for statisticians 10 years from now.

I remember reading a NYT article in which they stated that statistics was the "it'" degree this decade....and I was just curious if that trend would continue.

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I think any field that has to do with the managing of data is definitely going to be in demand in the next 5 - 10 years and I think its only going to get more popular. In addition, statistics is integral to so many other fields, especially in science and technology, that there really should be a good job market for statisticians in the next decade. Of course, carving out a niche for yourself will only make yourself even more marketable as Nathan Yau at http://flowingdata.com/ has done.

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