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"What are my chances" thread


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I'm not so sure how I stack up for poli sci PhD programs given my stats:

-3.3 undergrad GPA (International Affairs), 3.7 MA GPA (International Security)

-590V/630Q/6.0A GRE

-1 internship with the US Department of State

-Nothing published

My research interests are in security studies, more specifically civil/military relations, strategic studies, and Europe/Russia/NATO. Here are the ones that interest me thus far:


-FSU Poli Sci

-UF Poli Sci

-Miami (FL) Int'l Studies

-South Carolina

-Georgia State

Really would appreciate if anyone can help as far as chances of admission, typical funding package, etc. Thanks.

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I think your questions are probably best answered by the websites of the schools. For example, I just took a few minutes to look at FSU and UF's programs and found the following information. It looks like you are on the lower end of their spectrum based on GPA/GRE alone, so everything else will have to be stellar. As for financial packages - most schools provide info on this on their websites or you can find out by contacting the program's graduate administrator. Best of luck.

FSU: http://polisci.fsu.edu/graduate/prospectives/doctoral/requirements.htm

UF: "The average M.A. student had a GPA of 3.6 and a GRE score of 1250. The average Ph.D. student had a GPA of 3.8 and a GRE score of 1270." http://www.polisci.ufl.edu/graduate/gradfaq.html#question15

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