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Thoughts on Boston U?


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Hi All, 

I did an MDiv a few years ago before going into parish ministry. Like many others, I went to seminary thinking about a PhD and got told immediately not to do it, because of the job market. I'm happy in parish ministry and am in the ordination process. I expect this will be my long-term vocational home.

However, I still have the academic itch, and have been thinking about doing an STM/ThM if it's convenient and doesn't require loans....both for fun but also to explore some specific academic questions I still have, which I actually think would help the work that I'm doing now in the parish.

I recognize that this idea runs counter to all of the advice you normally see on these boards (doing an STM at a school where you have no prior history, doing master's degrees that aren't absolutely necessary, etc.). However, I recently got accepted with full funding to Boston U, which is very close to where I already live and work. I'm wondering if people here have any insight on the culture there? It seems to be a much different place than where I did my MDiv (Princeton Sem) and I'm a bit uncertain whether it's worth pursuing further. Any info or insight people have on BU would be welcome. 

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