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my chances for IR schools Fall 2011


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I'm really nervous about this whole application process, since my qualifications are not outstanding. How do you see my chances?

Schools Applying To: GWU Elliott, Hopkins SAIS, American SIS, NYU SCPS for Global Affairs

Undergraduate institution: University of Maryland

Undergraduate GPA: 3.55

Undergraduate Major: Government&Politics

GRE Quantitative Score: 700

GRE Verbal Score: 580

GRE AW Score: 3:(

Years Out of Undergrad (if applicable): I will graduate this semester(Fall 2010) and I'm doing my last semester in Rome

Years of Work Experience: I have been working at Berlitz Language Institute teaching Persian since summer of 2008 and have worked there full-time all 3 summers since 2008, and also part-time during the school year. I also have tutored at the University of Maryland Persian Flagship Program since June 2008.

Describe Relevant Work Experience: At Berlitz I mostly worked with students from DOD and the State Department.

Foreign Languages: Persian (Native), Italian (Highly Proficient- 7 semesters), German and Spanish(finished intermediate level in college) This is also my second time studying abroad in Italy.

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