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Profile Evaluation for Robotics Systems Development- CMU


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Hi, My name is Kunal and I am currently pursuing my final year in B.E Electronics and instrumentation Engg. (St. Josephs College of Engg,Anna University)

My overall percentage : 84% (upto 6th sem)

GRE: 1400 , Quants: 770 Verbal: 630 awa: 3

TOEFL: 110 with a minimum of 27 in each section

I have done five robotics projects in all, and I have received positive feedback wherever I displayed them. I have also a passion towards the managerial sector and I have bagged the first place in many 'Business Plan' competitions held across Tamil Nadu in places Like Anna University and PSG Institute of Technology. I have no publications to my credit but then these accolades from the universities mentioned above require a good degree of talent to get into the top 3 spots. The projects I have done vary in difficulty, The very first moving manipulator I built was the most simple one. I went on to do a wall climber and then a different Kind of Moving manipulator with wireless control. I also developed a hand movement controlled robot using a 3-axis accelerometer as the primary sensor. My most recent robotics venture was an Autonomous Ground Vehicle for the Defense Research and Development Organization, India. The robot's electrical system and certain algorithms for control was my input to the project. I did an internship at a CD manufacturing plant and I was particularly narrowing my focus down to the 5DOF robotic arm used in the process. Currently I am working for a Renewable Energy Project for IIT-Bombay, they have been kind enough to assign a mento(professor) to me for the same.I am wondering if all these credentials(In both Robotics and Mangement) and the above mentioned scores will help me make it through for The Master of Science in Robotics Systems Development at CMU's RI . I also presented a paper on Resistance spot welding Robots used in the automobile industry at CPAT-TVS which is a sister institution of TVS Motors, the paper received positive comments from their faculty. I feel I am a right candidate for this particular course because my interest lingers in the combination of Management and Robotics. I have displayed oratorical and Managerial skills in conducting a workshop on robotics at an Engineering college affiliated to the Anna Univ.

Please let me know my chances of getting through for this particular course, I fear not having concentrated on a publication could ruin my chances.

Any other Suggestions are also welcome.



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