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Curious... MFA to PhD?

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So I'm just curious.

How many of you out there are former MFA students applying for PhDs? (Or were MFAs who are now PhD students?) Perhaps ironically, I'm finding it difficult to put into eloquent words why I want a PhD and to justify taking a chance on me as a potential PhD student when I have little to no research experience under my belt That said, I can research, and I have an area that I'd like to focus on FOR research at the PhD level but...

Thoughts? Suggestions? General comments?

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Did you not read our responses to your previous thread Going from an MFA to a PhD is not uncommon, as we all discussed in that thread. If you want to teach creative writing, you need both. If you're a good PhD candidate, moving from an MFA to a PhD is a non-issue.

EDIT: You may also be interested in

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I did read both of those threads. What I hoped to accomplish was to reach-out/see if there were any other individuals already holding an MFA considering a PhD as I wanted to commiserate a little bit regarding their application experience. Specifically, I was wondering how others were going about the task of writing their SOP and polishing writing samples (both creative and analytical) as I'm finding this challenging. In essence, I was searching for not only answers, but perhaps a little bit of a support community.

If this seemed redundant in any way, my apologies.

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