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Evaluate my profile, please


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So here are my stats:

Florida International University graduate: BA in Journalism BA in English Lit

Cum GPA 3.359, Semester: GPA 3.7

GRE: #1- 610 V 610 Q 4.5 AW #2 590 V 560 Q 5 AW



Internship at MTV Latin America

Internship at The Stuart News

Published in Editor and Publisher Magazine

Youth Reporting at the XVII International AIDS Conference in Mexico City

Independent Student Project on AIDS: Series of Webisodes for our WPTV and The Miami Herald titled The Stigma Stops With Me: The Story of Damaries Cruz (worked as consultant, interviewer, etc.)

Part of the Media and Communications youth team for the XVIII International AIDS Conference in Vienna, Austria

Americorps Public Allies program: 2 years: #1 Arts for Learning: Grant Writer #2 Florida Immigrant Coalition: Communications.

I have received excellet letters of recommendation, including one from the Dean of the journalism dept. And my writing sample is reviewed as great.

At this point, I feel I'm the resident hysteric. My second GRE sucked but the AW improved. I don't know if I should retake, and frankly, I lack the will and time to do so. Ideally, I wanted a 1280+ because of my low GPA. And while I have a very good, medically-backed reason for it, I'm loathe to identify myself as, well, an epileptic.

I'm applying at:

1. NYU- Latin American studies/Journalism dual degree Deadline: Dec. 18th (This is THE big one. Their students can intern at AP and Reuters in the DF) TOO LATE TO RETAKE

2. London School of Economics 1. Comparative Politics:Latin America 2. Global Politics Deadline: Unspecified. Begins October 2010.

3. University of Chicago Regional Studies-Latin America Deadline: January 4, 2011 TOO LATE TO RETAKE

4. American University International Studies: Human Rights in Latin America Deadline: January 15, 2011

5. George Washington University International Affairs: Latin America Deadline: February 1, 2011

6. Columbia University Institute for Latin American Studies Deadline: April 1, 2010

7. Kings College

Questions? Comments? Cheeses?

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Hey Schaudenfreuded

I just saw your profile . . . I applied to the same program at NYU for Fall 2011. I got some positive feedback from professors but that was now almost three weeks ago . . . have you gotten an admissions decision yet?

I'm trying to gauge how much I should be worrying at this point.

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