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My GRE score is

GRE Verbal: 630

GRE Quant: 800

CPA: 6.5/10


1. auto locking buzzer system using Mosfet that locks the first buzzer pressed.

2. university quiz site. I created the whole university quize site which was not there before i created. I created a great deal of difference in the quiz were handled after this point. Its being used now and is used in Technical festivals where colleges from all india participates.

3. IR guided vehicle. A vehicle using 16F877A programmable microcontroller. I got 3rd prize in this in my college technical fest where all the best colleges take part from india.

4. Image retrieval system. Image retrieval system that retrieves image from the database given a matching image.

5. Enterprise service subscription system at IBM.

6. Unix based softphone. Implementing few protocols like SIP and SDP.

7. Integration of two SOA based products at IBM (SAP and WebSphere Commerce) at IBM.

8. Click free Portal update tool for Web Portal Server based on Atom feeds at IBM

9. Rational application Developer Cloud Support developer at IBM.

I have good reco. 2 from my profs one from IBM product toolkit Architect.

Where should i apply? What points should i highlight in my SOP? Now only prob is low GPA. what do you think should i target top 10 ? or top 10-20???

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I'm not from your field but most of my friends are so I can give you a very brief opinion:

Most importantly: Apply more in the 10-20 field than 10-1.

Your GRE and percentage doesn't matter as much as your project work... which is good, but not too competitive for the top 10s. A friend of mine who built and competed autonomous robots all over India (including winning IIT techfest) only managed to crack one top 10 school. (#10 infact!)

You need to make a REALLY coherent and genuine SOP. This is especially impt because your pool of competitors (indian/asian engineers) is totally saturated with similar profiles. I've noticed that its a convincing and well written SOP that puts an application over the top. Boasting about your projects will not be as helpful as talking about them detachedly and showing how graduate school is the logical next step.

Good luck!! and dont worry about your percentage, i don't think it will hold you back.

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