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Hi guys,

My application requires résumé or curriculum vitae, do I need to include all my previous experiences or just things that relates to my program concentration?

For example, I am applying to media and Masters cinema studies but I worked a year as a teacher's assistant at early childhood center. my ultimate goal is to be a professor, so it kind of relates? But I am not going for education program, so it's not necessary?

Also, do I print my resume in nice resume paper when I send it?

Is resume to grad school different from the resume you would send to a job?


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I think you should have relevant items on your CV. That said, I'm not sure what to tell you about your experience as a teaching assistant in early childhood education. Perhaps you could have it under something like 'Work Experience' on your CV or resume?

Last year when I unsuccessfully applied I just sent my regular resume with my applications. In hindsight I think it is better to send your resume formatted as an academic CV, which usually has headings like 'Research Interests', 'Education', 'Research Experience', 'Publications', 'Awards', 'Professional Experience', 'Teaching Experience', 'Community Service' and 'Skills' . Even if you don't have any publications you can still format your resume to look like an academic CV. Perhaps you can browse the CVs of profs or graduate students in your field to get an idea of what it can look like.

If your are going to mail your resume, then I would recommend using nice resume paper. The quality of the paper your resume is printed on is not going to matter much in the scheme of things, but it's best to treat applying to grad school like applying for a job - the more professional your application looks, the more it is likely to grab people's attention.

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