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Yeshiva Clinical PsyD or St. Elizabeth Counseling PsyD


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Hi all! Currently deciding between Yeshiva (clinical program, 5 years, has in house clinic, 150K debt post-scholarship, in NY, APA accredited) and St. Elizabeth (counseling program, 4 years, need to match externships through NYNJADOT, whole program is under 80K, in NJ, APA accredited on contingency).

Questions are:

1. Thoughts between clinical and counseling psychologist titles? Would counseling programs have a harder time securing APA internships compared to clinical programs? 

2. Reservations on "APA accredited on contingency" status?


TLDR: The 80K tuition for St. Elizabeth is extremely appealing but unsure whether 1. accreditation status and 2. securing an APA internship from a counseling program will be issues.


Thanks in advance everyone!

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