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In terms of finding a job in EU countries as a non-EU citizen. TU Delft or ETH Zurich??


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Hi everyone, I’ve just got admitted to the master’s program in both TU Delft and ETH Zurich in 2023 fall. I have some questions about finding a job in EU countries since these two schools are both EU based. 

TUD: Master in Engineering and Policy Analysis

ETHZ: Master in Science, Technology and Policy

While I am still excited to be admitted to both 2 very prestigious schools, there are still some concerns bothering me. 

I’ve heard that it is extremely hard for a non-EU citizen to find a job as well as an internship in the Netherlands and Switzerland, because your employer has to positively prove that there is no one as qualified as you for this job in the Netherlands/Swiss/other EU countries, which is quite scary

So in terms of job finding in EU countries, which school is better? TUD or ETHZ??

It really tears me up and has haunted me for days. Really need some help! Thanks in advance. 

BTW, I can only fluently speak English, Chinese and Japanese. Very sadly, can’t speak any european languages

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