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UBCO MSW Application

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Hey everyone!

Looking for some insight! 

I graduated from McGill with a BA in Psychology in April of 2022 and applied to two MEd Counselling Psychology programs (UofT & uOttawa) for September 2023 intake. I just received my first rejection from uOttawa (sucks, but I know most people don't get in on their first try) and am assuming rejection from UofT as well because I know it's more competitive. I had looked at UBCO's clinical MSW (foundational) as an option for September 2024 earlier this year and I just saw that they extended their deadline from January 10th to March 14th for domestic students!

Because I'm new to the MSW game, I was wondering if anyone knew (a) why they extended it, (b) how many people they take each year, and (c) if I should even bother applying as I have a mere four days to tweak my counselling statements of purpose to fit the MSW questions :,)

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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