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Hi guys,

yet another of these threads. I am wondering what type ofinput I can get from people here. I am currently trying to decide where toapply for PhD. I am looking into economics and finance programs.

My background is as follows:

GRE: - 800 Q 650 V 6.0 -- first and only attempt

Undergrad GPA - 3.4 - 3.9 final two years - from CanadianUniversity with well known business department

Undergrad classes - my bad grades were in low level somewhatinsignificant classes which were required for my degree(i.e. business law,operations management, OB etc...) I have a major in finance with 3.8 gpa, minoreconomics 3.9 gpa. I took int micro and macro with a few other monetary policyclasses all of which were As or A-. I took linear algebra and cal I with A inboth. With regards to finance, I took only investment classes so I have an A inmathematical finance, Options & derivatives (intro and advanced) A and A-respectively and my other finance classes were simple investments, tradingsystems, analysis... all with A-

Grad GPA 3.95 - from half decent private university on thewest coast. - have taken business statistics, methods, and economtrics with As,have taken options & futures A-, have taken a bunch of other classes withA- (ethics, portfolio mgmt, investment analysis, hedge funds, risk management,and will be doing sort of thesis paper next semester). I also took at the sametime a number of math classes (all As) which are - cal II-III, multivariablecalculus, differential equations, real analysis I & II, and advanced math.

I don't really have any research or TA experience. I havegood letters but they are not from the most known professors (one from Duke,one from UPenn and one from UMass one in econ, one in finance, and one inmath).

So far, I am applying to UW (interested in the certificatein math finance), UBC, Rutgers, and Boston University. I was wondering whatpeople thought I should do? Any schools in particular I should be looking at?

My research interests are basically in finance but it couldwork in economics as well ( I am currently working on variances ininternational markets lol kind of vague but I don't want to spoil the fun...)

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