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opinion about operations research for branch change


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I have a chemical engineering background from IIT and will be applying for OR this fall in the US. I want to do an MS not a PhD. I have done research projects in the past which are computational(about quantum computing), analytical( about pattern formations, reaction diffusion), astrophysics( Time dependent density functional theory TDDFT calculations), currently working on mathematical modelling of membrane separations( thats chemical engineering finally!). But as you can see none of these projects have been DIRECTLY in OR.

I have done an ADVANCED level course in optimizations though which created my interest in this field.

plus my gpa is 7.8/10 which is like above average but nothing exceptional :(

i know c,c++, verilog, vhdl, sml and am pretty good at MATLAB and mathematica. no official publications. :( how do you think i go about

ANY help sincerely and greatly appreciated...

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