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Georgetown SSP or GWU SPS

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Hello All,

I was recently admitted to Georgetown's School of Foreign Service Security Studies Program (SSP) and GWU's Security Policy Studies Program (SPS). Georgetown's SSP gave no funding or aid while GWU's SPS gave me a fellowship for about $18,000 a year. Georgetown's SSP is my dream program. I love the classes and concentrations offered in addition to the excellent career outcomes. However, I am having trouble justifying Georgetown's cost of attendance. With no aid I would be relying on loans, my full time job, and an outside scholarship that pays about 20% of cost of attendance. The degree would cost around $60,000+ in loans which is difficult to stomach. GW SPS gave me a great offer and I like the program a lot, but it is difficult to turn down the opportunity to attend Georgetown's SSP given the reputation and curriculum. I am aiming for a career in the Intelligence Community or national security policy. Can anyone provide some insight into which program is the best option given the cost and my goals? Thanks in advance!

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