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2023 Yale MEM vs. Columbia SIPA MPA

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Hi everyone, 

I'm new here (accidentally posted this same q on a diff topic; hopefully this will reach the right audience) but I wanted to get your thoughts on what program I should go for (commitment will need to be made in the month). I have a background in policy but want to venture into the environmental/business field and I've narrowed down the likely programs I'd go to: YSE MEM or Columbia SIPA MPA.  I'm not going to disclose any funding details as they are pretty equal, so I want to ask about the quality of the programs, specialties (if any), strengths, student life, etc.

For Yale, I'm hoping to specialize in Business/Environment but I'm afraid that I lack scientific knowledge/skills for the courses and perhaps it leans more toward sustainable/environment. But obviously it's a reputable place to go for the environmental field. 

For Columbia, I'll concentrate in EE but I'm afraid I'll be pigeonholed into policymaking, but perhaps my impression of the programming is wrong. From what I hear, they're quite strong in the energy field and having a big network can be helpful — especially if I don't know exactly what I'd like to do in the environmental/energy field.

Any and all insights are super helpful, thank you in advance!!

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