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CMU MSCV vs Berkeley MEng CS vs UCSD MSCS

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Hi everyone,

I am a french student in Computer Science. In the past months I applied to several master programs in the US. I received the results but I am not sure about the decision I should make.

My first pick was clearly Stanford MSCS: prestigious, possibility of being teaching assistant to cover the tuition, large choice of courses... This last point is important because I would really like to follow courses in different ares such as software development, Robotics, Computer Vision...

Unfortunately I was told today that I am not accepted to Stanford.
Still, I am admitted to the other universities I applied to, but each one of them has a drawback (for me):


-Berkeley Master of Engineering in Computer Science

Pros: great university, prestigious, in California.

Cons: Master of Engineering (less recognized than a MS I think?), courses seem to be less advanced and more redundant with what I have already done, no possibility for TA/RA.


-Carnegie Mellon Master of Science in Computer Vision

Pros: great university, prestigious in CS, MS, possibility to do a TA starting the second semester

Cons: Very specialized program, no possibility to do courses in "standard" software for example, location, also CMU is less known outside of CS and outside of the US so the brand isn't as powerful as Berkeley


-San Diego Master of Science in Computer Science

Pros: MS with a very large choice of courses, probably the possibility of doing a TA, location

Cons: a lot less prestigious and recognized than Berkeley and CMU


What do you think?

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