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Religion and English Programs... Life Advice Needed


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Hi all,

I'm currently attending a top-ranked divinity school in the United States (I'm from the U.S. as well) and will soon receive my master of divinity degree. With the economy in shambles right now and a love of learning, I'm thinking it's probably wise to continue my education. I find myself unable to articulate a specific job I'd like to have, but my dream job would involve one foot in the academy and one foot in the church (with plenty of time for creative writing, social justice advocacy and travel on the side). Also, I have the spirit of a vagabond so I don't see myself planting my roots in one particular place for the rest of my life (that will come when I'm slightly older hopefully).

Here's some background...

* Undergraduate major in English, writing, philosophy and religion

* Undergraduate minor in global studies

* In undergraduate school, member of Philosophy & Religion Club, Free Association (art club), and co-founder/public relations officer of ALLIES (gay-straight alliance)

* Graduate major in divinity with a focus on Christianity in the world, practical theology, and religion, gender and sexuality

* Worked as a multi-faith chaplain for a LGBTQ student life office

* Currently serving internship at Human Relations Commission, mostly involved in LGBTQ rights programming

* Co-chair of divinity school's LGBTQ group, more infrequent member of Eco-Concerns, Economic Empowerment Coalition

I'm deeply interested in theology as it applies to practice in the real world (especially in the face of discrimination, poverty, etc.). I also possess an absolute passion for literature and creative writing. I love the way these two fields converge and creative writing/art becomes a more abstract way of articulating one's theology. I've also researched schools overseas because a) I missed the study abroad opportunity in undergrad B) the architecture of divinity schools in the United Kingdom is gorgeous and I am a person who appreciates sacred space c) I find myself most comfortable in the Anglican tradition--which is rife over there, of course.

I've been scouring religion degrees... I'm not sure if I'm yet fit for the research and writing capabilities required in a top PhD program... but I'm not sure what would be the most beneficial to my career path: the STM, the MA, the MAR, the MPhil, the MTS, etc. OR if I should try for an English degree of some kind.

If there's anyone who knows the wide range of opportunities in the worlds of religion and literature, any advice would be appreciated.

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