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2008 Northwestern Neuroscience


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Anyone else out there applied to the Northwestern Neuroscience PhD program?

It's been almost a month since my phone interview and no reply yet...no admission/rejection reply

Anyone knows when the official decisions are made?

I don't see any posts on this program....any other applicants?

The professor who interviewed me says that my application will be recommended for admission and that the graduate office will be contacting me "if no accidents happen". What are my chances?

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I applied to Northwesterns Brain, Behavior and Cognition program. Apparently there is a lot of overlap between the psychology and neuroscience divisions (which makes sense). From what I understand, Northwestern is notoriously late in their decisions.

I know the psych department is meeting today to discuss things. Also, I talked to a current Neuroscience grad student and he said it took quite a while for him to hear anything. Late March/April.

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Hello to everybody!!

I had a phone interview with the Northwestern Neuroscience program on date Feb 18. They said to me they would take a FEW DAYS to send me information about my application, but I haven't received news yet (I know Feb 18 is only 8 days ago..but I want this admission!!).

I read that someone else had an interview with this program, and I would like to ask how much time they received an answer after the interview.

Thank you very much!!

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