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Chances of Acceptance into a Good EE Master's Program?


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Hey everyone,

I am beginning to apply for a master's in electrical engineering and I was wondering if anyone could gauge my chances at acceptance into a good program.

BS Computer Engineering, GPA: 3.3

Minor in Graphic Design

GRE: Q: 780, V: 660

No research experience.

I read that schools typically focus on your major GPA for the last 2 years of your undergrad, and my GPA for the last 2 years is a 2.93. However, the reason for my decline is a C and B- in two core computer engineering classes; sans these two classes my last two year GPA is a 3.4. The disparity between the computer engineering curriculum and the electrical engineering curriculum at my school was minute as it differed by only 4 classes. I disliked the material in these four classes (and despised the material in the two classes I did poorly in), which is why I want to focus on electrical engineering for my master's. Furthermore, I have been taking additional electrical engineering courses on top of my other courses and have been doing well in them and enjoying them more than the core computer engineering classes. With that in mind what do you guys think are my chances into a good program? Thanks!

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