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How does my profile look?


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I am currently an undergraduate student in Speech Communication. I am applying for PhD programs for Fall 2011, very nervous. I have been very active on campus, doing various things. I am hoping to get into some really great programs (not because or name of school, but because of the program), as an undergraduate I believe I have done a lot. However, my GRE scores were extremely and horrendously low, so low I'd rather not say them. Nevertheless, here is my otherwise pretty decent profile:

1) Again, I did very low on the GRE...I scored a 4.0 on my analytical writing

2) Currently have a 3.2 cumulative GPA and 3.6 major GPA

3) Ronald E. McNair Scholar; In addition, I was a visting researcher at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill for a summer research program (8 weeks); I applied to SR-EIP (http://www.theleadershipalliance.org/), got into Howard University and Cornell University for their summer research program, I declined and attended UNC instead,

4) I have done several research projects, recently presented at a major conference in my field; I have also been interviewed by National conferences;

I received a grant to complete my own research project and I am also a research assistant for my mentor/advisor/professor here on campus; My work has been accepted at several conferences

5) I have been very active on campus in extra-curricular activities

6) Have a very strong personal statement and great letters of recommendations lined up

7) I am applying to African American Studies, American Studies, and Communication Studies programs

8) I have a publication in review for a Journal

What are my chances of getting into very good programs with my current profile? I would truly appreciate any feedback.


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