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PhD Programs in Foreign Affairs ?

R Davis

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Hey all, I need a bit of assistance. I recently got my MA in International Relations and decided to pursue a PhD (I know, its late in the game, please forego reminding me of that ). I was wondering if any of you fine individuals could help me out. I attended Johns Hopkins SAIS and was hoping to continue in a similar program as opposed to the more academic PhD in Poli Sci with an International Relations focus. Unfortunately, this type of degree is in short supply as they tend to be either unfunded/ partially funded or of ill academic repute. My obvious first choice is Princeton's Woodrow Wilson School but I am unsure of my chances. I know Pittsburgh GPSIA, UC-San Diego, and Denver's Korbel school also offer funded PhDs but was unsure of their reputation. Can anyone suggest other programs I should look into ? (MA GPA 3.6, GRE 1520)

I really appreciate it !

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I'd check Cambridge and LSE in the UK for more policy-oriented programmes (if this is what you meant by 'less academic' and the reference to SAIS). However, even those two ... I mean, it's a Ph.D. - it is as policy-oriented as you make it so.

I do not know about the US schools, I am afraid.

All the best searching for schools!

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