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PhD in Chem Eng.


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I am not sure which schools I should be applying to if my goal is to get a PhD in Chemical Engineering/Nanomaterials. Any suggestions?

I went to an University, majored in chem E. my gpa was like 3.5 or 3.6,I took the GRE and got a 780 Q 670 V 3,5 AW

I worked on a research project at school for almost two years but never received credit on any papers, though I could get a recommendation letter which might help.

I would like to do well in this field so I want to try to get into a good school. I wouldn't dare try to apply to MIT, Berkeley, Caltech, Texas, Delaware etc..because I would be basically wasting applications.

But I am trying to figure out where I might have a chance of applying to. So far the only schools I have come up with are RPI, and I was thinking about trying for Penn State but not sure.

Also I have been working for four years and don't know if schools would rather have someone just finishing their undergrad degree.

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