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Appropriate Econ/Finance PhD Programs


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I just took my GRE and recieved a 750q / 570v / Still awaiting AW. I'm pursuing a PhD in Econ or Finance and I realize I'll be limited to second-tier programs but just wanted to get you guys' oppinion on which schools you might think I should apply to. Heres a little bit more background:

Currently enrolled in second year of an MA Econ program, current GPA 3.97

-A's in all classes including Math Econ and Econometrics I & II, save Micro Theory and a research seminar (A-'s)

-Conducting research in macroeconomic growth modeling

-Recipient of a full GA

-In all humility I'm probably the strongest student in the program.

Undergraduate: BA, cum laude with honors, double major in Econ and Poli Sci

-Not positive about Econ GPA but it had to be between 3.8-3.95, overall GPA 3.75

-Took Calc I-III, Linear Algebra, Basic Econometrics, and Advanced Econometrics/Time Series Analysis

-Recieved a number of grants/assistantships to conduct research, completed an honors thesis in macoreconomic growth modeling


-Feel that they're fairly strong

-1 from fairly well know graduate thesis advisor / Math Econ professor / Chair of the Department / Former Chair of Econ Department at another research institution

-1 from graduate Econometrics II professor - not sure about this one, don't know him too well, only had one class, and he's young, not well known

-1 from undergrad advisor / thesis committee chair / professor I did research for - Know's me very well, will write a strong letter but he himself is not very well known.

So, where do you think I should apply? I'm currently considering Notre Dame (econ), UConn (econ & finance), Rutgers (econ & finance), Pitt (econ & finance), Houston (econ & finance) and Boston College (econ & finance) for my reach school. Thoughts?

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