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Survival guide while doing the MA? (UT vs NYU)


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Hi All !!

I have received MA offers from UT Austin and NYU IFA. I hold a BA in History and aiming to pursue a PhD in the states after my MA. My field is modern/ contemporary Europe and America but I’m open to other areas and periods. I hope I could get some advices and more information about the MAs in the U.S., Thank you in advance : D 


For UT, I got a small of scholarship and also an out-of-state tuition waiver, making it affordable for me. Basically, I’ve decided to turn down my IFA offer, and accept the UT’s. But I would like to gather more information about UT’s MA before clicking the accept bottom.  My questions are little silly: Which program has a better PhD placement? What are the strengths and famous fields of UT program?  How does the department treat MA student at UT, like resources, TA assistantships, etc? I know more about IFA and do concern about the cash cow situation since people have more discussions on it. Also, I looked up some PhD students profiles and only found seldom UT alumni, I’m just wondering if most of the UT’s MA graduates pursue PhD  or work in the museum or gallery? 

I’m quite anxious about my life in grad school. Are there any dos and don’ts during my MA years? What shall I do to well-prepare myself for a good PhD?




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I am a current MA student at the IFA and would be happy to answer any questions about the program. I have been really surprised about the amount of opportunities that are made available to you through the IFA network; the IFA is also very well equipped for people who are interested in continuing on to PhD programs. 

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