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Importance of GRE in Canada


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I want to apply to Uni Toronto for a MS in CS. The GRE is not required, but it's stated that it is recommended. As this is the only school that recommends it (I apply to European schools mostly), I don't think that paying 160$ will justify the possible advantage it can give me. Do you think there is a big difference if you don't submit GRE scores? I have a very good GPA, recommendation letters and some work/research experience.

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I applied unsuccessfully to that program last year and from my experience I would say that if you can get a high score, then I would recommend doing the GRE. Toronto is like a top 10 US school for CS. It is very competitive - just look at the number of rejections on the survey on this site from last year. While the GRE is only recommended, if you can score highly then I would suggest you take it to give yourself a better chance. If you're not sure that you could score highly, then focus on the more important parts of your application such as your SoP.

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I'm applying to UAlberta, and while they also do not require the GRE, the professor I spoke to recommended it, if only because it allows them to apply for more scholarships/fellowships for me if I'm accepted. The GRE is required for my other programs, so it's not a big deal for me. If you're really concerned, email the department and ask, though it sounds like it's not worth your time.

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