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Western 2-year MSW Wait list

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Hi everyone,

I am currently on the waitlist for the 2 year MSW program at Western. The program only accepts 20 students, so I'm wondering how many people are typically on the waitlist, and if I have a good shot? I have also applied to Laurier's FT MSW and Windsor's MSW for Working Professionals. Curious what people know about Windsor's MSWwp as I have heard mixed reviews.

I have a B.Sc. in Biology and a Graduate Certificate in Autism and Behavioural Science. I took some additional social science courses at Laurier to add to the 6 I took in undergrad. I graduated from university in 2012 with roughly 74% in the last 2 years (Let me tell you, Biology at UofGuelph is hard!!!). The additional social sciences courses I've taken at Laurier, I received 94% and I think 92% in Research Methods. I work full-time in 2 jobs in human services. I have 8000 hours of social services experience (and counting) ranging from ABA therapy, working with dually diagnosed adults (mental health+developmental disability), and employment counselling for people with disabilities (mostly mental health).

Thanks for the help and support!

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