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MA in Education for Career Changer


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I'd really appreciate some advice from current students in the education field on this -

Are applicants for MA/M.Ed programs (academic focus, not teaching) expected to articulate clear research interests? And how exactly do career changers with limited experience in the field figure out specific interests/goals? I am currently working in business and hope to use the MA in Education to change careers. I have research experience and an excellent GPA, but my undergrad focus is business, so none of this experience is directly relevant to education. I have experience as a TA and private tutor (undergrad) and worked with children in several positions during high school, but that's the extent of my education experience!

Most students I've met who are in MA/M.Ed. programs have some kind of relevant experience which informs their future goals. I do have ideas about specific jobs or areas of research that interest me, but not one single path that I know I'd like to follow. I feel like I'm in the middle of a chicken-and-egg problem: can't write a strong SoP because I don't have enough knowledge in the education field to lay out a concrete path, but can't get a job in education, which would give me this knowledge, since I have no experience in the field.

Thank you!

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I am in a PhD program and do not have an undergrad degree in education or a teaching license.

That is to say it is possible.

The threshold for you will be showing familiarity with the language and theory of the field. That will require some reading on your part. Depending on your sub-discipline (educational psychology, urban ed, administration, etc.) I would start by googling syllabi of university classes with that focus. Read, or at least skim and supplement with articles, the major works you see repeated. Mirror the lexicon in your SOP and address, directly, why you are making the switch. You don't want the adcomm to have any lingering questions about your motivations or preparedness. Identify theoretical frameworks you want to pursue further, tie it to your tutoring experience, and then have an unbiased party read your SOP. Whatever questions they have? Rework the statement to address them.

Good luck.

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