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Should I Even Bother?


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With deadlines approaching for PhD applications, I am beginning to wonder if I should even bother. There are some significant weaknesses in my application and I need some advice.

I am planning to apply to some Ivy league schools as well as other top schools. I am wanting acceptance into their PhD programs in their divinity schools. However I have two glaring weaknesses on my application. I am receiving my M.A. from a small school and my GRE scores are weak (580v, 470q). As for the other aspects of my application, I have met and perhaps exceeded language requirements (Greek, Hebrew, German, Coptic and Latin) and I should have a 4.0 when I end my graduate work. I know that there are other important aspects of my application (SOP and letters of recommendation). But given my weaknesses, should I even bother?

Thank in advance,


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Will, I think you should try contact professors at the schools you are applying to. If some of them really like your profile, are nice to you and encourage you to apply, then do it! Your GRE is on the lower side but if everything else in your application is excellent and (probably, most importantly) you are a good fit with the department, your chances may be high.

P.S. Your linguistic skills are impressive and I am sure will be appreciated by the faculty.

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