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Economics PhD program


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I really want to enroll next Fall 2011 in a PhD program and i need advice on my chances of getting admission into schools listed below. I am a graduate Student at South Dakota State Uni and currently pursuing MSc Econ and going to graduate next year. I have 3 semesters of calculus, Linear Algebra, Real analysis 1, discrete Math, Vector Calculus, Differential Equations, Statistical Inference 1 and Times series.

I've GRE scores with V: 460 Q: 700 AWA: 3.0. I know my scores sucks but i want to put a few applications through and see my chances before re-sitting.

I am applying to:

SUNY @ Albany- Economics PhD

Pennstate- Energy mgt PhD

Missouri, Columbia- Economics PhD

UGA - Economics PhD

Univ of Nebraska- Economics PhD

Univ. of Delaware- Economics PhD

Colorado School of MInes- Mineral Economics PhD

Pls i need help. I would appreciate if anyone can suggest any safety schools/ B-schools that will take my gre scores. Thx

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