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On all the apps, the CV is either uploaded or attached. In the few apps I've already gone through, parts of my CV have been applicable to separate questions on the main app.

So, what's the general format? I'm revamping one I've sent in for internships and jobs in the past. I assume...


Study Abroad

Internship & Work Experience (only as related to the arts)

Conference Presentations

Publications (only as related to the arts)

Technical and Language Skills

Anything missing?

Oh, and under the main headings, I've listed the schools, programs, museums, etc. and then my position, and then the dates, and then have bullets with brief descriptions. It comes to a total of 1.5 pages.

Is there any standardization for typeface/spacing/bullets, etc?

Suggestions and advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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The CAA offers templates for professional CVs, though I'm not sure if membership is required to view. I can't give much advice, but it's always good to model your CV after your targeted interest if their CV is available for view. For example, I just picked one template from a POI's CV and ran with it my entire application season! Haha.

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