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BAD Q score but applying to History programs


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I'm applying to history programs, and I am very sad because I just took the GRE. I did really bad. 600V/380Q/AW? So, I am mainly afraid because of my Q score. The first time I took the GRE I scored 440V/580Q/4AW - I went up in the Verbal and went WAY down on the Quant. Does anyone know if this for sure means I will get rejected? I am applying to History programs. Hopefully they overlook this really poor Q score ... Any insight?

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Well... I know what you are saying. You won't be using much Math indeed as a doctoral student in History. It is not the question though. The question is whether the majority of applicants might have 700+ for Q and whether your score might, if not disadvantage you, fail to give you extra points in the admissions process.

However, really, at this stage there is not much you can do. You can't retake since it is the same calendar month. Write an 'amazingly brilliant' SOP and hope for good references!!! All the best!

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