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American University Development Degrees?


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Hi all,

I am applying to international development programs and am very interested in American University's School of International Service. There are 2 masters degrees offered, the Masters of Arts in International Development (MAID) and the Masters of Science in Development Management (MSDM). I am having trouble differentiating between these two degrees. The latter appears to be more management-based, but both seem interdisciplinary and offer room for specialization. Does anyone have any input here? Thanks!

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I am in the ID program at SIS and faced the same confusion as you while I was applying. Like you said, the MSDM is more management based and usually recommended for people with ateast 3-4 yrs of work experience. If you feel strongly about the MSDM program you should definitely apply to that..I have heard really god things about it but if you are not too sure..you can apply to ID and once you are in the program..switching over to MSDM is pretty easy if you convince the program director. Quite a few people do this every year.

I hope this is helpful. Let me know if you have any more questions!

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