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Advice on Pursuing an Economics PhD

11th Doctor

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Hi everyone. I'm currently in my junior year of my undergraduate and over the course of the last year come to the decision that I would really like to pursue a PhD in Economics. I came into college unsure about my math skills but discovered that Economics, and Mathematics are things that I'm seriously interested in. I'm a very good student, 3.95 gpa and the kind of person that loves studying math independently. I'm trying to spend this year building my experience and am trying to get some research experience.

Here's my problem. Right now I don't have the math classes that it takes for a PhD. My school (stupidly) recommends business calc. 1+2 and business stats for economics majors which I took when I switched majors after the end of my freshman year. I spent all last summer studying calculus independently with the hopes of being able to place into calc. 3 but am being made to take 2 again (they wouldn't let me try to test higher which I am very confident that I could have). What this boils down to is that I will not have been able to take linear algebra or multivariable calculus before the application cycle (I will be enrolled in multivariable calculus, maybe even done if they can see my fall grades). I would have liked to have those done by the end of this year and been enrolled in a few other high level math classes next fall but now it's not going to happen. I am confident that once I finish my undergraduate I will have enough math classes under by belt but I realize that schools probably won't get to see that when they're making their decision. I will however have taken a lot of advanced Economics classes in Econometrics, Mathematical Economics and Game Theory.

I could enroll in my university's Masters 4+1 program that would let me get a MS in Economics Public Policy and Analysis in only one additional year and see where that takes me.

My question is this; Is there any chance that schools will go easy on my lack of Math (under the understanding that the proper courses will be finished in time)? The reason it's important is that I will need to apply to the master's program this winter. Also, does having a MS help if I then decide that I'm still interested in a PhD?

Thanks for the help!

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