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Motivation to become a PA. Feedback greatly appreciated!

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I have never been a good writer. I always struggled with in in college. I suppose that is why I majored in biology because it didn't require much writing and I loved the material. Anyways, I am here seeking advise on a personal statement I am writing about my motivation to become a Physicians Assistant. I am applying to a masters program. I would greatly appreciate any help. Please don't go easy on me, rip it apart if you can. Thank you for your time and efforts in advance.

I find pleasure in what some would consider an arduous task. For instance, I love running. I believe my desire to run is similar to my aspiration to become a Physician Assistant. There is more to running than sheer physical fitness. It is a true test of mind and body. Training for races involves setting long-term goals that are gradually yet persistently worked towards on a daily basis. It involves researching and implementing the most effective workouts through trial and error. Like running, being a Physician Assistant offers daily challenges, requires dedication and research, and provides an outlet to exercise one’s mind.

Aside from these similarities, my affection for science is a strong source of motivation in my pursuit to become a Physician Assistant. I’ll always remember learning about the organ systems in my freshman year of college. I was captivated by the lectures and was fascinated as I dissected the plumpest rat in the laboratory. As a result, I eagerly seized the opportunity to teach confused classmates. Indeed, my enthusiasm quickly spread throughout and inspired the rest of the class. Later in my college career I explored my keen interest for science further by working with a professor on kidney research and effects cadmium.

Even when times were rough and finances were tight, my unrelenting ambition to become a Physician’s Assistant did not waver. I became an elderly woman’s caretaker and lived in her basement in order to remain in college. Among my responsibilities were to help her manage her diabetes. She was fairly ill, yet full of zeal, and reminded me of my Grandfather.

My grandfather, Bill, was my best friend and the most influential person in my life. I was at his side until his last breath, when doctors worked frantically to save him. Their admirable efforts provided him with more time on earth than was originally anticipated. I was extremely grateful and inspired. After this experience, I undoubtedly knew that my goal to be a Physician’s Assistant was not only due to my interest in science or the intellectual challenges, but also my desire to help people in need and have a positive impact the lives of others.

I then began to shadow and volunteer in the medical field extensively. My first experience was in an Emergency Room. I found the environment exhilarating and enjoyed the alacrity in problem solving and decision-making. This experience elicited a desire to expand and explore different healthcare settings.

I first shadowed physicians, residents, physician’s assistants, and nurses working in internal medicine at a local hospital. Along with more medical knowledge, I was able to gain insight and a deeper understanding of a variety of healthcare professions that further solidified my desire to become a Physician’s Assistant. My experience inspired me to remain in the hospital and become a volunteer. This enabled me to gain exposure to a variety of specialties while helping through direct patient care. In Labor and Delivery, I helped with the Breastfeeding Initiative, which educated women on the benefits of breastfeeding and was intended to raise the local breastfeeding rates. I also enjoyed watching births and I remember the satisfaction I felt offering a help to expecting mothers.

After these experiences, I ventured out to private practices. My experience in Labor and Delivery inspired me to shadow Dr. Guirguis, an OB/GYN. I learned the importance of bedside manner as I observed and emulated the doctor and patient interactions . Next, I shadowed Dr. LoCicero, a primary care physician in her private practice. Alongside Dr. LoCicero, I learned the importance of communication and interpersonal skills by observing him deliver test results to patients.

I believe I possess the qualities and experience necessary to be great Physician Assistant. With my motivation and dedication I am fully prepared to face the challenges as a Physician Assistant.

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