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Evans School At UW?

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I only applied to two schools - UMich/Ford and UW/Evans. I got accepted into both, but am tempted to go to the Evans school because of the in-state tuition. I know Mich is considered to be one of the top programs in this field, but can anyone give any insight on the UW program? First-hand accounts and rumors will be appreciated.

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Hello. I was also accepted into the Evans school and am eagerly awaiting their financial aid package. I have a friend who was accepted last year and recieved full tuition and a stipend. Granted we both did a public policy fellowship in undergrad, I am assuming that UW's 1 billion dollar endowment carries over to student aid.

I took some courses at the Ford school two summers ago. They also have great financial aid packages, but did cut back about 2-3 years ago. I believe they are called Rackam Fellowships, which are distributed by the graduate school to students in the various professional schools/departments.

Both schools are great public institutions. For me it is definately a matter of being in an urban space.

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From what I know of the Evans School it is about the best there is! The faculty are just fabulous and the educational experience combines excellence in both the theoretical and applied areas. I don't think you can do much better, and Seattle is a wonderful place to live, if not spend a few years.

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