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What questions to answer in an SOP

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I am posting a few questions here that will have to be answered when one considers writing an SOP. I feel if we can draft nice answers for these questions the SOP process will become a lot more easier. Now if some of you can chip in providing a direction which these questions must take the entire freshers group will benefit a lot.:)

1) Why the University? -- what exactly should we write? can we write about the fact that the university is acclaimed, is cheap etc?

2) Why that branch? -- should we explain this by only providing our past experiences with the topic like projects seminars etc? or may be we could talk about authors of books who inspired us?

3) what are future goals and ambitions? -- should i be earnest and say attending this univ seals my job opportunities or should i be modest and say I want to expand my knowledge borders?

4) Which prof would we want to work with? -- may be I could say his work interests me? Can i be specific to say which particular publication or project and even go a step further to say I want to be a part of the project group.

5) Why should the university consider us for the candidature?-- should i say how i am intellectually and morally upright or may be i should say my grades are awesome till date? or may be i just say I have passion so consider me?

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can u demonstrate it by saying that some particular semester of the course got you interested and subsequent semesters kept you hooked? Or should we take a stand like this topic is so relevant to current living and hence it is very practical course? which one suits better? what are the other ways you can see these questions and answer them?

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