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Advice on my PhD program selection


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I have a bachelor in a Chinese university, and a master in the National University of Singapore. (not an economics major, not a math major)

Undergraduate GPA: 90.8/100

Graduate GPA: 4.88/5.0

GRE: V510 Q800 AW:3.5

TOEFL:105(Speaking: 20)

I have taken some math courses in my undergraduate study, like calcus, linear algebria, statistics.

Won the prize of Honorable Mention in the Mathematics Contest in Modeling.

Also take microeconomics, macroeconomics in my undergraduate study.

In my graduate study, I went to the econ department and take graduate level economic courses like microeconomics, public economics, econometrics and so on.

I have three recommendation letters, 1 from an economic professor, 1 from my supervisor and 1 from another professor in my own department.

I guess they are renowned professors in my specific field.

My target is Top 30. I am wondering whether my target is realistic for my background. Please kindly offer your advice. Thanks. (I also need scholarship)

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